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Relinquishing a pet

Choosing to adopt a pet is a decision that we must stick with for the life of the pet, for the sake of the pet. However, occasionally life throws curveballs such as illness, deployment, or other situations that leave us no other choice than to rehome the furry members of our family. Before resorting to rehoming your pet, please review our forum for answers to common problems among pet owners and please do further independent research to ensure there is no possible way for you to keep your pet. If after these steps you are still sure rehoming is the only way, please fill out and submit the form below and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible to speak with you about your situation and to let you know when space may be available to take in your pet. Upon relinquishing your pet, you will be asked to signed the contract stating that you are aware of the conditions of pet relinquishment.


**Due to dwindling funds and lack of space, we are only accepting owner relinquishments for pets that have already been fully vetted or with a $100 donation to help cover their vetting expenses. Although this may seem like a lot of money, it costs our rescue upwards of $100 per pet we take in depending on the type of medical care they need. Additional donations are not expected, but are very much appreciated by Max’s Hope and the pets awaiting their forever homes!


Please do not fill out the form below until you have spoken to a Maxs Hope representative. A representative can be reached at


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to Max's Hope Pet Rescue for the purpose of rehoming him/her to an appropriate environment.

I understand that if, at any time before an adoption is finalized, I may choose to reclaim my pet provided, I must reimburse Max's Hope Pet Rescue for all veterinarian costs incurred while in our care. Furthermore, I understand that this agreement is not valid until signed below by both the pet relinquisher and a staff member of Max's Hope.

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