Pet rescue serving the Hopkinsville, Clarksville, and surrounding areas.

The story behind the name.


In the fall of 2005, our family was changed forever!


Max came to us. One day, while Megan and Brittany were waiting for the bus, they spotted a dog in the field across from the house. They called it over, but since he was a stray German Shepherd, they thought he might have been dangerous. They couldn’t have been more wrong.


Max soon became part of our family. He thought he deserved to sleep in beds and eat at the dinner table. For 6 years, he was more than just a pet; he was a friend.


Tragically, on Valentine’s Day this year, Max had to be put down due to a severe illness. Although we still miss and love him dearly, we do everything in his memory.


At Max’s Hope Pet Rescue, we believe that even though people ‘rescue’ animals, it is really the animals that do the rescuing. Pets provide unconditional love and silent support when you need it most.


Have you been ”rescued”?


Mission Statement


Max’s Hope Pet Rescue is based out of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We are a registered non-profit and 501c3. All donations are tax-deductible. Our goal is to help pets and their owners who are unable to maintain their care. We are aimed at the soldiers who are forced to relinquish their pets due to deployment or relocation and to the families affected by today’s economy that can no longer financially care for their pets. We will also help those animals who otherwise would face euthanization or death if left on their own.


We would like to find as many loving homes for as many deserving animals as possible! Any and all donations and adoption fees go straight into our veterinary fund to help provide care for our animals’ needs, so you can be sure that your money will be used to support a worthy cause!

Please consider donating to our cause. Each donation is tax deductible and 100% goes toward food, supplies,          and vet care for our furry friends.

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